Kalaha Moon was brought together as a result of an endless road trip. Inspired by the Australian outback, tribal calls and the endless mass of space, worlds collided when Patrick, Frej and Max formed a musical constellation deep in Berlin’s concrete jungle.Raised as children of music, their different musical backgrounds all come together to form a sweet twist of sounds that are influenced by Ancient Viking tales, psychedelic rock ’n’ roll, a touch of funk and tropical reggae rhythms.


Combining ancient & modern instruments, mystical vocals & deep basslines, Kalaha Moon is a live band that delivers a fresh outtake to electronic music. Crafted purely through senses of intuition, their unique vibe came alive during their debut concert at Garbicz Festival 2018 after a short period of playing together.

This led to an unexpected opportunity to showcase their music at a magical gathering called Moyn Moyn Festival, trance-forming the dance floor with enthusiastic groovers. That defining moment allowed this special project to evolve into something more than simply a vision in the dreams.


Kalaha Moon’s first single, Mojave, describes a lucid desert story & was exposed through Soundcloud, where it got its roots. Presently, with three singles released, they have now played at a number of festivals such as Fusion Festival, Bucht der Traumer Festival, Vibronica Festival and various European countries such as Ukraine, Germany & Hungary.

In Denmark, they had the chance to warm up for Shkoon & a year later, for Chancha via Circuito at Festsaal Kreuzberg in Berlin. The trio aspires to continue spreading their musical vibrations by connecting people both young & old to spread elements of organic sounds created by tribal world cultures.


Tour 20′

21/08 – moyn moyn festival
19/07 – katzensprung festival #5
23/05 – holy mountain, mensch meier
xx/xx – culturama bus, tba
13/03 – fernab, lieblingsbucht (CANCELLED)
29/02 – gassen aus zucker, vienna
15/02 – ketoga, mensch meier
31/01 – conscious madness, fiese remiese
03/01 – sisyphos, berlin

Tour 19′

Fusion festival 2019’
Bucht der traumer Festival 2019’
Vibronica festival, Kiev 2019’
Festsaal kreuzberg, Berlin
Sisyphos, Berlin
Concious madness Festival
Taka Tuka island Festival
Zurück zu den Wurzeln Festival

Garbicz festival 2018’